Whenever you apply for a job, a cover letter should be included with your resume. Never send a resume without a cover letter!

If you don’t know what to write in a cover letter, I will provide you with cover letter examples and a cover letter template that you can personalize. In addition to giving you ideas on what to write, you will be guided on what NOT to write. Sometimes, knowing what not to write is just as important as knowing what to include in a cover letter!

The cover letter examples show how you should never use generic titles such Sir/Madame or To whom it may concern, especially if there is a name of the advertiser whom the applications should be addresses to. By addressing a person by their name, you are showing that you have put time and effort into writing the cover letter and it is not just a generic cover letter that you send together with all other applications.

Every situation is unique and each cover letter may require a different approach but, in general, all cover letters should:

  • Explain the reason why you are sending the resume
  • Persuade the employer to read your resume
  • Be extremely well written and targeted to the employer
  • Highlight elements of your experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for
  • Show your communication skills, attitude, personality, and motivation
  • Provide any information asked for in a job posting that’s not covered in your resume
  • Talk specifically about the position you are applying for


Impress Potential Employers

Since your cover letter is your first and best chance to make a good impression on a prospective employer, it better be a good one. In Module 4 of the Job Seekers Toolbox, I will provide you with more tips and reveal many secrets to writing an effective cover letter that will get you noticed!

Your cover letter template will give you the basic format and keep you on the right track. Combined with your “killer” resume, you will have a winning package to land your dream job!

To learn more simply go to the Jobseekers Toolbox page or contact us today!


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