Unsure what next career step to take? There are so many job opportunities out there and it is easy to get lost. In addition, our likes, passions, wants and desires change throughout our life and hence, we may look at changing not just jobs but also careers.

This service is well suited to anyone who has just completed their studies and needs guidance on their first job and also, for someone who has been working for a number of years and is looking at what else is out there for them.

During your consultation, you are likely to:

  • Discover the careers that best suit your talents, interests, values and personality
  • Explore your career options
  • Get advise on any careers, career direction and courses that might be available for you
  • Get feedback on your resume and tips on how to improve it and tailor it for different positions
  • Learn about the importance of Social Media, particularly LinkedIn
  • Develop an action plan to help you on your path to a fulfilling career

It is a tailored, one-on-one service and as such is delivered either in person or via skype.

Initial 90min consultation           $197
Follow-up 60min consultation   $157


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