Many jobseekers have been asking for one-on-one coaching.
The Jobseeker’s Toolbox is comprehensive and easy to follow.
However, if you prefer working closely with an expert and getting guidance then this page is for you.


This is the most comprehensive coaching service and I will personally guide you through the job hunting process. The steps will be tailored to your situation and usually include:

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Unsure what next career step to take? There are so many job opportunities out there and it is easy to get lost. In addition, our likes, passions, wants and desires change throughout our life and hence, we may look at changing not just jobs but also careers.

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Your resume is the most important marketing tool you have when looking for a new job. Many candidates get confused about what to include and not to include on a good resume, what the best layout is and how to present well their previous experience.

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A job interview could be and often is a nerve-wrecking experience. The stress increases when you are going for an interview for a job that you really want. Have you done everything you can to make it a successful one?

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Over the past 2 years, the social media have skyrocketed. It’s not only about having friends on Facebook. The recruitment industry has also been going through a massive paradigm shift and the candidates are often sourced through the social media, particularly LinkedIn. Hence, if you do not have a profile on LinkedIn it’s the time to create one asap!

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